Monday, January 17, 2011

Social Dancing

Tango is danced at social events known as milongas. TangoSpace classes focus on developing your tango as a social dance that can be explored and expressed in ways that you enjoy. Through practicas (practise sessions) and milongas, tango as a social dance is shared and shaped. TangoSpace runs a milonga on the second Saturday of the month at Applecross. Milongas take place globally and bring together dancers in common connection and community. One example can be found at the Tangoloft - a famous milonga venue in Berlin.


Understanding tango music is fundamental to creating an elegant dance. At TangoSpace we develop your knowledge of the variety of tango music from traditional to newer genres. Each style offers unique dances and new meaning to the movements and modes of tango explored in classes. As an example, here is Noelia Hurtado and Pablo Rodriguez dancing to the beautiful traditional piece "Poema" by Francisco Canaro.

Building your Knowledge

It is our aim at TangoSpace to offer innovations and challenges to our students. Once you have mastered the basics of walking, connection, balance and axis, a whole world of tango opens to you of infinite possibilities. Our beginners course is just the start of your tango journey. Here is Ariadna Naveira and Fernando Sanchez presenting some possibilities as you move through your tango experience.

Using the Walk to Dance

At TangoSpace we aim to create a balanced and elegant dance that emphasizes control over the axis and transference of weight. As tango is based on walking, we focus on the ease of utilizing these elements to dance simply and synergetically to the music. Here is an example of these basics in action at a beginners workshop demonstration.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Introductory Argentine Tango Course

Beginning in 2011, TangoSpace will offer introductory classes in Argentine tango. The structure of these classes will aim to cultivate smooth, elegant and balanced dancers who are able to navigate and negotiate tango in its social form. Students should be able to dance socially and with ease through an attention to balance, axis and transference of weight.